Virtual Finance Department

We work with a number of our clients to provide a tailored approach to help them out.

Virtual Finance Department photo

Businesses of all sizes could probably use the expertise of a Finance Director, Management Accountant, Payroll Clerk and Bookkeeper. Unfortunately, unless you are of a certain size then it may be difficult to afford the luxury of such a department.

We work with a number of our clients to provide a tailored approach to help them out.

Some smaller clients may have an admin clerk who does ‘a bit of everything’ including bookkeeping. In simple terms, such clients can utilise us for the payroll and management accounts function. Management accounts are a very useful tool for businesses, not only to monitor their own progress, but for a third party (i.e. us) to have a regular input that may help identify opportunities or threats throughout the year. The management accounts can be tailored from something quite simple e.g. a P&L account, to more sophisticated segmental reporting, depending on the size and nature of the business.

Some other clients prefer not to have the hassle of employing staff and outsource the whole function of bookkeeping, payroll and accounting to us. This means weekly visits to clients’ premises. The whole service will be divided between two to four team members at Ashworth Treasure. The benefit to our clients is that there is access to a range of professionals, on demand, therefore avoiding the full time costs of staff.

Finally, some clients have a perfectly adequate accounts department that works for them, but just aren’t large enough for a full time finance director. We can provide a service of being a ‘de facto’ finance director. This may be to attend regular management meetings or bridging the gap between the business owners and other outside parties e.g. the bank.

If you would like any further information on this service then please contact us.